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Monday, August 18, 2008

Data on is one of the most annoying spammers on the net right now.

His modus operandi is to visit popular articles featured on social-news sites such as and and add a quick superficial comment to the article along with an URL to his site, either directly to or to a mirror/via a URL-redirection service.

Visit these Google searches to see some of this spam: (shut down)

Known Aliases:

JT, maybe stands for John Thomas. aka John Roberts, aka RedFoxOne, aka JummyDoDrop, aka Johny Frost, aka doswheeler, aka JoshTwoLittle, aka JimMcDish, aka JJ....

Known IPs:

Site-aliases: (same contents, hosted on a different server) (same contents, hosted on a different server)

www.FireMe.To/udi (url redirection) (url redirection) (url redirection)

Address: (according to

13750 W Colonial Dr Suite 350-252
Winter garden, FL 34787 US

+1 863 402-1608,
Fax: +1 863-402-1608

This site has the same physical address/telephone number:

See for more info ( real names?)

Reddit profiles:

Take action:

His site is hosted at - mail

Another one: is hosted at - mail

Yet another one: is hosted at - mail (very helpful abuse department)


Anonymous said...

I am an administrator for and one of our subscribers brought your blog to my attention.

I have identified the associate responsible for the comment spamming you reference in your blog. We have over 2,000 active associates (resellers) and our associate Terms of Service (TOS) strictly prohibits spamming or network abuse in any way, shape or form.

We have as of late yesterday terminated this associates account and that associate acknowledged early this morning the termination. As such he has forfeited any earnings and said earnings will be donated to the American Red Cross (this is a stipulation clearly stated in our associate program TOS to which each associate agrees). As such, the comment spamming will stop immediately. The associate in question admitted that he watched and and would leave comments with his associate url or use url forwarders to redierct to those urls to direct traffic to those urls.

We are hoping that based on this information and the fact that the comment spamming issue has been resolved that you will delete the blog defaming our character so that no further action will be needed. We take our name quite seriously and will defend it using whatever means are at our disposal. In over 11 years of business with over a half million subscriptions our associate program has been successful however, on occasion a bad apple slips through the cracks that must be dealt with accordingly as this case demonstrated.

I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced and wish that you would have contacted us directly with your concerns as this issue could have been resolved much earlier as such abuse simply will not be tolerated.


Bill Collins
Cyber Solutions

Anonymous said...

that's bullshit. just go to any mainpage digg story and you will see within the first couple comments spam from