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Friday, September 5, 2008

Digging up dirt on Usenet

Ultimate-Anonymity is a scam. Thats what someone one Usenet thinks.

However, "Josh Mandell" and "Ormond Laplunk" two extraordinary satisfied customers bravely defend the product. Right! They are clearly the scammer of UA just like the original poster thinks:

"What I bet is that you have something to do with ultimate-anonymity. I have
complied with all the above, thanks for pointing out you can log in from
anywhere, it proves my point that UA is a rip off that cancells accounts at
different times, as I have read in google newsgroup searches! As I have not
forgot my passwords, they are ripping me and others off as they come into
the need for money. Do a google newsgroups search of ultimate anonymity and
see what the previous poster is talking about. I have no doubt you will get
a response right away from them. I never have, at any time. By the way, I
wrote to that address you had mentioned in an earlier post, no reply.

Others aren't too happy either:

> All they do is sell someone elses re-mailers (only thing they give is
> the interface) with out of date proxies and old free software. They


And U-A must be really hurting for money just now. They are now
hitting the newsgroups harder than ever.

He's actually flooding some newsgroups now.

Many machines running, making a pass about every 3-4 hours, dumping
100 or more posts per newsgroup per pass. I wouldn't bother even
calculating the BI -- He must be in the triple-digits by now

He's using several different NSP's (mainly Newsfeeds), and a whole
bunch of click-through redirector sites.

As to the value of what he's selling... I won't even go near him.
Anybody that spams to the extent this jerkwad is spewing has got to be
a scamming a worthless product, trying to bait as many suckers as he
can before the filters kick in. "

And again we have "Josh Mandell", who's just a happy UA users (yeah right) protecting UA claiming it's the resellers/associates fault! Wow, the same excuse "Bill Collins" had.

That is the main problem with reseller programs. You start using
resellers or "associates" as some sites call them (Evidence Eliminator
was good for this) and that is what you get. Idiots using disposable
ISPs, news accounts and a bulk posting program trying to get rich.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who sees what a lying, scamming, spamming company UA is:

Most messages are from 2004 and earlier, so he's been doing his dirty stuff long enough don't you think?

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