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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dude Ultimate Anonymity is Awesome! (NOT)

Here's another sad example,

Someone on a forum asking whether ultimate-anonymity is any good:


"They are offering lifetime subscriptions at the moment but most of their services can be obtained free by using free software and information found on the internet. Is there any advantages to be gained by using their services? Their anonymous visa might be interesting but I think they don't give enough information about it."

A little bit further down the thread we found a positive review from a happy customer (apparenty)


"Where you get that you can get everything they have for "free" elsewhere. Did you even look at the products page? I have used Ultimate Anonymity for a couple years now and they offer some pretty cool self branded software that works exactly as advertised. I elected the lifetime option and feel I got my moneys worth with just one of the programs from their site. I have bought two of their anonymous Visa cards and they work as described. I was able to set each one up with a different name and address and was able to make purchases from websites without giving any of my personal details. Very neat indeed. I also am a fan of Usenet so I use the usenet service they provide and stopped paying my monthly service. its worth it dude."

Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 1

"GreyHatsRule" joined in May, the same month as this thread was made, and has only posted one post; This message above. Dude, what a coincidence, I wonder who he is, dude!

The same thing here:

We see that "GreyHatsRule" also posts a positive review and after him someone called "skateharder" (Remeber Bill Collins said " I myself use a url in my signature line and its usually either to a skateboarding or surf ing website that I like..." so it's probable that "skateharder" is also him. Josh T, looks like a nickname he uses, as does most of them.

Edward on the other hand seems like a reasonable fellow:

Ultimate-Anonymity are spammers of usenet and elsewhere and their product provides nothing you can not do (for free) by following simple guides found on the Internet. As their spam messages on Usenet include fake testimonials, I would not be surprised if the messages in support of ultimate/anonymity above are fake also. If their product is good why do they have to resort to such spam tactics to sell it?

Also, the IP addresses on that page look familiar, ones that "Bill Collins" uses, at least two IPs at Embarq corporation - and two at AOL. One through Anonymouse (Who adds reviews/comments through anonymouse and why?) Two IPs at (I bet ultimate-anonymous has a mirror or two there too)

These fake reviews just go on and on . Tons of fake reviews by "various people". Take Josh Saunders for instance: . Sad

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