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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


If you get Ultimate-Anonymity spam on your forum or blog you can report it to which is a very active anti-spam company.

"...Yes, we also process forum and blog spam. Forum spam presents several problems because unlike email it can't be filtered and many people may read a spammed forum post whereas an email is usually sent to an individual. Emails can be deleted by the recipient, but spam postings usually have to be reported and deleted by an administrator. To combat this, forums often require users to become members and enter verification codes before posting, but spammers have found ways to force or spoof membership applications and they have already cracked the verification code systems of many forums.

Forward us spammed postings in text or html at: This will be processed just like other junk. If you have a large active forum with a serious spam problem, become a KnujOn member and we will work with you to get your forum abuse problem under control...."

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