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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Skateboards, Harleys and HGH's in the Florida sun

Here's a little look at some identities the UA spammer uses...


fake testimonial (from here)

"Spam/Scam my ass. I have ordered several of their pre-paid cards over that last year and every single one of them showed up and each one of them worked. How is that a scam? Moron!"

in reply to

Well known Florida, USA based SPAM n' SCAM operation claiming to be in a country that doesn't even exist!

If you send these people a nickel your nuts.

Again a fake testimonial (from here)

I think for the one time fee its well worth it. I have been using them on a regualr basis since late 1998 or early 1999 so I have certainly got my monies worth.

Them and Cotse are pretty much all I use and they work well together.



comment spam: here

Usenet spam: here with email address,

Above email address used here with the name name Robert Wahl

Question: is the floridaskater above (the UA spammer) the same person as this, the person behind ? (see our previous post)

He seems to be into, and selling Human Growth Hormones (see here and here)

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