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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Take action against Ultimate-Anonymity

Getting frustrated of seeing the Ultimate-Anonymity spam everywhere?

Here are some action steps. Please comment if you can think of anything else.

Complain to Midphase who are hosting the main site (

Complain to who hosts their URL-forwarding URLs such as:-

(and probably more)

Get the WOT firefox addon (and McAfee Siteadvisor) and give the UA sites negative ratings. This will warn WOT/Siteadvisor users of the scam business UA.

Report the user RedFoxOne on Flickr here (click Report Abuse). Here's all his spam on Flickr

Good news; Flickr closed down RedFoxOne's spam account!

Thanks for the info. We greatly appreciate the time that
you've taken to help us keep Flickr a community free of
spam. We've scrubbed the Flickrverse of the spam and have
terminated the account.


Report the iurlz urls:


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