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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ultimate-Anonymity Review

Found on where the liar tried to peddle his crapware by spamming (Good idea about soundboards!)

Who the fuck are you?

You call yourself Jess, is it?
Well sir (or ugly madam), why the fuck are you spamming digg with some ridiculous website about selling 'Ultimate Anonymity' for $8/month??? AND you have got horrible popups on your site trying to infect those who use IE with drive-by malware?

I love the FAQ's you've written up:
Q:Will I get hit with banners and annoying pop ups?
A:No, we have never accepted any advertising within the members area and do not plan to any time in the future.

And yet you have advertising and other garbage going on....

This idiot has even listed a contact email address that needs to have some web-based email spam sent to it and a phone number that needs to be called....with soundboards.

Telephone 863-304-1608 (Monday through Friday 11am to 2pm EST)

Now please you spamming piece of shit, get the fuck out, die in a fire and all the other horrible things that should befall spammers when they pollute the world with their garbage.

privacy ripoff scam cheat fail
there, now when people google your url and ripoff, they should be able to read this post and also that should have a side effect of proving your service inadequate.

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