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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spamming on reddit

Just great, now the idiot Ultimate-Anonymity spammer is spamming on Pathetic.

Here are some of his posts that might shed insight into his life:

Easy, if you lived a good life and accepted Jesus Christ as yer Savior, you spend an eternity in Heaven. If not, ya burn in Hell. Pretty simple.


What about all the lying he's been doing?

I've go the hots for the 10 year old girl next door, I'm 32 years old. She sunbathes and swims totally nude in plain site of my bedroom window and it drives me nuts!


Sounds like you have a pretty good plan dude. I as basically in the same boat but luckily during the good times I bought properties and paid cash for them so I am living in one of those houses now and living off the rent from the others. Keep yer expenses to a bare minimum.

Thats pretty messed up dude, confront her. Basically the same thing happened to me, very similar circumstances and my wife (of 12 years) ended up dumping me for a surgeon at the hospital she works at! Nip it in the bud now dude, you have every right to.

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